Property Management

In addition to our Apartment Leasing Services for Landlords, Rugen Realty offers property management services to allow landlords to take a hands-off approach to their rental properties.

Property Management services include:

Timely Rent Collection
Stop spending time chasing tenants down on the 1st of the month. Nothing affects your cash flow more than late or missing rent payments. Rent is collected every month and deposited into our escrow account. The monthly rent, minus our competitive rates, are then expeditiously transferred to your account. There are no upfront fees and no fees are paid if the apartment is vacant.

Tenants are offered a variety of ways to pay rent so you can get your money as quickly as possible. Rent can be paid electronically to ensure a smooth and effortless process.

Facilitation of Needed Maintenance
Ongoing maintenance is needed to delay capital expenditures and to sustain a positive relationship with your tenants. The return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs and upkeep. In the end, you’ll save time and money and ensure repairs are done in a professional manner, by trustworthy maintenance personnel.

If needed, Rugen Realty has an extensive network of contractors, vendors and service providers to handle property maintenance and repair work.

If the heating system breaks down at 2 AM in the middle of the winter, we ensure the problem is addressed before you even wake up in the morning.

We also conduct conduct move-in, periodic, and move-out evaluations. Documentation and photographs from these evaluations assist in determining needed maintenance and repairs in additional to facilitating the return of the previous tenant’s security deposit.

Detailed Income/Expense Reports
Our goal is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses. We keep track of your income and expenses and provide monthly and annual statements so you can have your financial information organized in one place.

Considering stepping back a bit from managing your own apartment or rental properties? Contact us today to talk about the benefits of our property management services.