Grieve Your Property Taxes in Suffolk County – Deadline Approaching!

Grieve Your Property Taxes in Suffolk County – Deadline Approaching!

Act before May 16th* to Take Advantage of Property Tax Savings

Attention Suffolk County homeowners! Time is of the essence as the deadline to grieve your property taxes swiftly approaches. Mark your calendars for May 16th, 2023 – that’s the last day to take action and potentially lower your property tax burden. However, please keep in mind that if you opt to utilize the services of a grievance company, they may require your application well in advance to ensure timely processing. Don’t delay, act now to seize this opportunity to potentially reduce your property taxes and ease your financial strain.
The property tax grievance process in Suffolk County, New York, allows homeowners to challenge their property taxes if they believe that they are too high. The process involves filing a formal complaint with the Department of Assessment, including supporting documentation, by the third Tuesday in May. The Department of Assessment will review the complaint and either make an adjustment to the assessment or deny the complaint. If denied, the homeowner can request a hearing before the Assessment Review Commission, an independent body that will make a determination based on the evidence presented. If the homeowner is still unsatisfied, they can appeal to the New York State Supreme Court, though this is a time-consuming and expensive process.
Homeowners in Suffolk County should take advantage of this opportunity to potentially lower their property tax bills. By filing a complaint and providing supporting documentation, homeowners can challenge their property taxes and potentially receive a lower assessment. It is important to file before the May deadline and only pursue further legal action if there is a strong case.
The process of filing a property tax grievance might appear overwhelming at first, causing unease for many individuals. However, there are several local grievance companies available to provide assistance in this matter. It’s worth noting that many of these companies operate on a no-fee-unless-successful basis, but it is advisable to verify the details with each company directly. Please be aware that Rugen Realty does not have any affiliations with the companies mentioned below, nor do we receive compensation if you choose to engage their services. Our intention is solely to offer a compilation of local companies that can aid you in your search for assistance.

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