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Rugen Realty prides themselves on offering a greater array of services versus the average residential real estate brokerage. We’re more than just open houses.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone looking to get into the industry, Rugen Realty can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Local expertise & knowledge
    • Hyper-local comprehensive analysis of your Long Island investment property
      • “As Is” & “After Repair Values (ARV)” for potential flips or wholesale opportunities
      • Anticipated rent rolls for landlords
      • Large scale development projects in neighborhood that can affect real estate values
  • Aggressiveness in pursuing potential investment properties outside of traditional marketing methods
    • We do more than just set you up on an auto search from the Multiple Listing Service
      • Ability to bid on various foreclosure auction websites. Many times these properties are exclusively listed on these sites and do not appear in your typical search portals like the Multiple Listing Service or Zillow
      • Provide comprehensive lists of in-person foreclosure auctions held weekly at various Town Halls throughout Long Island
      • We have connections with many real estate investors and wholesalers who advertise off-market properties
      • Our targeted distressed property marketing campaign secures potential investment opportunities directly from the consumer and prior to any other third party involvement. We present our investor clients with opportunities prior to them hitting the public market.
  • Prior investment experience
    • Rugen Realty actively invests in real estate.. We have specific prior experience in running pro forma statements, analyzing flip & rental deals and comparing anticipated return on investment (ROI) vs actual ROI.
    • This is done on a small scale and in no way interferes with the goals of our investor clients. Ask yourself this, if your agent flips 20 houses per year, are they going to be in a position to offer investment deals to you or will they cherry pick them for themselves before offering if out to to their clients?
    • We pride ourselves on never being in competition with our clients.
  • We also specialize in out-of-area investors
    • Long Island is a popular investment market due to its high sales prices, high rents and favorable area for second homes
    • We have experience working with investors who may not live in the Long Island market
    • In addition to our comprehensive reports provided on each specific investment property, we offer video tours to allow you to see more than what is offered in the standard property marketing photos
    • We have connections with a multitude of professional service providers including attorneys, home inspectors, contractors and lending institutions.

My First Attempt at an Online Real Estate Auction

The timer reached thirty minutes and the nerves began to set in. I was the highest bidder in an online foreclosure auction. It was my first ever attempt to purchase an investment property. Countless times in the past I’ve participated in auctions on properties for clients but never for myself. This time felt different. It…

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