Can 3D Virtual Tours Help Sell My Home?

Professional photos and videos are an integral part of real estate marketing. A listing without professional looking photos is likely to be skipped by potential buyers. Property listings with videos tend to have more page views than those without videos. But, photos and videos can only offer so much. There is no manipulation by theContinue reading “Can 3D Virtual Tours Help Sell My Home?”

6 Easy Tips for Staging Your Own Home

There’s no question that staging your décor is advantageous when you’re trying to sell your home. The strategic editing and placement of your furnishings can be enormously important to boosting its appeal. In a recent NAR survey, in fact, 77 percent of buyers’ agents agreed staging is important to helping potential buyers envision a givenContinue reading “6 Easy Tips for Staging Your Own Home”

50 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Some suggestions and ideas to improve your home’s appearance and help you prepare to sell it faster! Throughout the House: Open the blinds, pull up the shades, and let in the sunlight. Clean all light fixtures. Create a positive mood. Turn on all lights, day or night, and install higher wattage bulbs to show yourContinue reading “50 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster”

The Ins and Outs of Setting a Price for Your Home

It’s a big decision with a lot of factors, but don’t worry — you have backup. Everything has value. Especially your home. And when it comes to selling your home, assigning a price to that value is complicated. You made memories there. You’ve got a major financial interest in the place, too. Buyers think ofContinue reading “The Ins and Outs of Setting a Price for Your Home”

The Everything Guide to Selling Your First Home

How to figure out exactly what you want, and how to work with the experts who’ll help you get it. Selling, a famous salesman once said, is essentially a transfer of feelings. You love and cherish your home. You want the next owner to fall in love with it, too — through photos, through words,Continue reading “The Everything Guide to Selling Your First Home”

Tax Deductions for Homeowners

Tax Deductions for Homeowners: How the New Tax Law Affects Mortgage Interest In 2019, a revision of the Tax Code changed the landscape for Long Island homeowners. Tax season is upon us once again, and to make it even more interesting this year, the tax code has changed — along with the rules about taxContinue reading “Tax Deductions for Homeowners”

Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible?

Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible Under the New Tax Law? Here’s the scoop on what’s tax deductible when buying a house. Are closing costs tax deductible? What about mortgage interest? Or property taxes? The answer is, maddeningly, “It depends.” Basically, you’ll want to itemize if you have deductions totaling more than the standard deduction, whichContinue reading “Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible?”

8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value

A good washing, and a bit of color are two low-cost ways. Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell.  But which projects pump up curb appeal most? Here are financially smart ways to boost your home’s equity. Wash Your House’s Face Before you scrape any paint or plantContinue reading “8 Tips for Adding Curb Appeal and Value”